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Lamothe Approvals Inc. specializes in assisting both large and small businesses with their electrical product designs and safety approvals.  Meeting the requirements of safety standards can be quite confusing and challenging...and we are the experts!  For decades now we have been helping our clients...how can we help you?

  • Take advantage of Lamothe's Quicker to Market Program.  This fully customizable program for product designers consists of four key elements:

    • Seminars - Don't know the safety standard, but starting to design your next product?  We offer customized Seminars to help you learn the basics. We are specialists in 61010-160825-1 and 60950-1 standards and will teach you exactly what you need to know to avoid costly oversights.

    • Product Design Assistance - Assist with your Product Design to ensure it complies with the requirements for safety. We work closely with your engineering team to make sure your components, spacing, grounding methods, etc. meet the requirements of the electrical safety standards.  Our clients using this extremely valuable service move very quickly from the design stage to the certification stage and on to production with minimal delays.

    • Pre-Compliance Testing - thoroughly test your prototype to meet the requirements before your product is submitted to agencies such as QPS, UL, CSA or TUV!

    • Agency Submittal Package - a complete package that will be provided to assist with final safety certification and will include items such as component lists, test results, product description, schematics, etc.  All these items will assist the certification engineers in evaluating your equipment.  Benefits include a faster time to certification, and (hopefully) a lower certification cost!

  • Other services that Lamothe Approvals offers:

    • Product Reviews - prepare for certification by having the experts review your prototype to identify all safety related issues, make recommendations for working with agencies, offer advice and a prepare a strategy to meet your goals!

    • CE Marking for Europe.  We can provide the necessary testing and reports to show compliance to the Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive or In-vitro Directive. 

    • Safety Certification Marks...worldwide.  We get the safety marks you need (QPS UL, CSA, TUV, etc.), when you need it.  Our experienced staff know the standards, know the agency engineers, know the processes, and know how to do it right!

    With Lamothe Approvals you shorten approval times to get your product to market sooner.  We go the extra mile!